About Us

Lightweight Armor Solutions was created to provide U.S.A. made, lightweight armor, to law abiding men and woman who take responsibility for protecting their country, communities, and families.

We believe that armor should be light enough to wear for the duration of an emergency or training  without hindering endurance or mobility.  A pair of common steel or ceramic rifle plates weigh around 12-17 lbs and are a major physical burden for most people if worn for more than an hour.  During our time in the armor industry we have witnessed many people buy a second set of rifle plates because their first set was too heavy.  We invite you to make the right choice the first time and not waste time or money on something you won't want to use. 

Before buying plates we encourage you to ask these two questions:

Will the weight of these plates cause me to lose mobility?


What am I gaining by accepting more weight and less mobility?

All of our Armor is NIJ Certified or Compliant.  When searching for Certification of our plates via the NIJ.gov website, reference RMA Armament, Inc and Leading Technology Composites. This is where all of our armor is manufactured!   http://nij.gov/topics/technology/body-armor/pages/compliant-ballistic-armor.aspx



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Lightweight Armor Solutions

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*We are not a Retail Storefront, but if you are in the area and want to purchase face to face let us know.  Please call or email us at least 72 hours in advance to let us know your needs and set an appointment.

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