Training With Your Plates-9

Training With Your Rifle Plates

Do you train while wearing your armor? 

Defensive training is a great idea for anyone serious about defending their country, communities, or families.  Some people consider training an essential part of their life and a worthwhile investment.  Some people consider training an enjoyable activity.  Unfortunately, some people consider training as something they would like to do when they find the time or money.  If you are waiting for the perfect timing to get training or to scratch together a little more money, then we encourage you to get the training you can afford Now and take a shorter class that you have the time for NOW!! 

If you have not trained with your armor, give it a try during your next class.  There are adjustments that need to be made that you don't want to be figuring out in a gunfight.   Pistol set-up can be altered as well when wearing plates so no matter  what the class theme consider training like you'll fight.



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