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Lightweight Armor Solutions partners with U.S.A. suppliers that have been in business a combined 40 years.  Some of the rifle plates we sell are made by the same company that supplies rifle plates to United States Special Operations Forces!  We offer Stand Alone Level 3 and Level 4 Rifle Plates that are in stock and ready to ship.  We can also special order In-Conjunction rifle plates, special threat plates, and level 3a plate backers or inserts.  We believe that Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene rifle plates are the right choice over steel rifle plates and ceramic rifle plates for most people.  Common concerns of Polyethylene Rifle Plates are heat damage and the inability to stop the M855 or 5.56 Green Tip.  These are valid concerns, but only if extreme heat or the M855/ 5.56 Green Tip are an actual threat.  Most people will never see temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit and the M855/ 5.56 Green Tip is primarily a target shooting round here in America.  It is a very suboptimal round considering the awesome ammunition available today.  It is so critical that the weight of rifle plates be considered by the end user.  We at Lightweight Armor Solutions are passionate about getting this information to the consumer and helping them with their purchase of Lightweight Polyethylene Rifle Plates.








6" by 6" or 6" by 8"
Plate Carriers
MOPC, Fits Small, Medium, and Large SAPI Size Plates


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