Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What rifle rounds will your rifle plates stop?

A. Please reference our Ballistic Info page by clicking HERE

Q. How do I know if certain plates will fit into my plate carrier?

A.  Please call or email and let us know what plate carrier you are going to use and which plates you need.  Level 3 Polyethylene Plates are thicker than steel or ceramic so this is important to check before purchasing.  

Q. Will Level 3 Stand Alone Polyethylene Rifle Plates stop the M855/ 5.56Green Tip?

A. No.  They Are rated to stop 6 round of .308/ 7.62 x 51 FMJ.  They will also stop the 7.62 x 39 and the .223 FMJ, Hollow Point and Soft Point bullets

Q. Does Lightweight Armor Solutions manufacture armor?

A. No.  We partner with Leading Technology Composites- provider of rifle plates to SOCOM to manufacture our armor.  LTC has been around for over 30 years and has a wonderful reputation for producing high quality armor.  They are fast and reliable so when you need something you know it is coming from an industry standard in quality and reliability.  We also partner with RMA Defense for some of our Level 3 and Level 4 plates, because they are innovating some productions procedures and can produce some particular items at a lower cost, which we can pass along to you.

*Specifically RMA produces our Level 3 Polyethylene 10" by 12" Single Curve plates and our 10" by 12" Single Curve Level 4 Plates.


Q.  Will my plates melt or become ineffective if I leave them in my car or attic?

A. Probably not.  It is an industry standard to recommend UHMWPE Rifle Plates not have prolonged exposure to temperatures over 150 degrees F or under -15 degrees F.  We have personally tested extreme summer time temperatures in the Texas Hill Country and we were only able to get readings as high as 137 degrees F in the attic and 147 degrees F on the dash of a vehicle that sat in the sun all day.  Don't leave your plates in the attic or on your car dash for extended periods and you will be fine.  Some common sense is required as other situations could impact performance of UHMWPE.

Q.  What is UHMWPE?

A. This stands for Ultra-High-Molecular Weight Polyethylene.  Click HERE for more details.

Q. Can I return a plate I bought from a different company with the L.A.S. Buy Back Program?

A. No.  The L.A.S. Buyback Program only applies to armor purchased from Lightweight Armor Solutions.