Level 3 In-Conjunction Rifle Plates


  • Only to be worn in-conjunction with 3A soft armor behind the plates
  • Single-Curve, SAPI Cut
  • High Performance Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Thickness: .8″
  • Positive Buoyancy
  • NIJ Compliant
  • Tested to Stop 6 Rounds of .308/ 7.62 x 51 when worn with 3a soft armor
  • Made in the USA by Leading Technology Composites
  • Specs and prices are per plate***




If you are Law Enforcement, Security, or Contractor and always wear Level 3a soft armor while on the clock then these are a great way to get Level 3 Protection with a thinner lighter plate than Level 3 Stand Alone. ¬†You will save about 1 lb per pair over Stand Alone plates and they will be about 1/4″ thinner as well.

**These rifle plates Must be worn with Level 3A soft armor behind the plates to reach their stated protection level.

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